Sep 29 2011


the role of physical therapy schools

Physical therapy schools are institutions that support the development of physical therapy either by training professionals or clients in physical therapy.  Physical therapy is a methodology that aims at treating and curing certain physical ailments by use of exercise and stretching while at the same time preventing further re-occurrence later on in the individual’s life. 

Conditions that require physical therapy include, crippling diseases, accident victims with injuries, permanent disabilities, children with developmental delays or weaknesses in the muscles and joints among many others. The therapy is aimed at easing the pain and suffering of the patient, and at best brings back the patient to their normal self free to carry out all functions.

To achieve this, the physical therapy schools need the patients to be in the right state of mind and to be positive towards the program.  Facilities and equipment are also used to train professionals and also patients on the usage to achieve a healing effect on the patient.

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